5 Technology Resources for Parents

When I was a student pastor, I was always trying to point parents to good resources. Since I found out I am going to be a parent, I have been drawn to search the internet for resources on godly parenting. This is a short list of some websites I think will help us all raise up the next generation in this technological/digital age.

1. Plugged In (http://www.pluggedin.com/)

Plugged in is a resource by Focus on the Family that writes reviews and gives detailed parental advisory information about current movies, music, video games, and videos. This is a good resource for when your child asks you to go to a movie, download a song, or buy a video game. You can go to Plugged In and you should be able to see a detailed description about the movie’s content. Great resource!

2. The Source 4 Parents (http://www.thesource4parents.com/)

This is a site by a guy named Jonathan McKee. I have never met him but I have used his website over and over again throughout the years for learning new things about youth culture. One of the coolest things Jonathan does is write reviews of big media events like The Grammys and The Oscars through the lens of Jesus. Plenty more resources and articles exist on the site, so I encourage you to check it out.

3. Parent Ministry (http://parentministry.net/)

Parent Ministry is resource by a guy I have worked with a little named Jeremy Lee. This site is more for the Youth Pastors, Children’s Pastors, or Family Ministers, but I think you as a parent need to know this type of stuff is out there. Jeremy also has a podcast available that would be worth checking out for those drives to and from work.

4. Homeword (https://homeword.com/helpforleaders/?cat=church)

Homeword is a ministry by Jim Burns and Doug Fields. It’s purpose statement is “HomeWord seeks to advance the work of God in the world by educating, equipping, and encouraging parents and churches to build God-honoring families from generation to generation.” I have had a chance to personally Jim Burns one time and he is a humble, knowledgeable, wise guy when it comes to parenting and leading young people. A cool resource on this site is the family devotionals available.

5. Center for Parent/Youth Understanding (www.cpyu.org)

This is my favorite resource and I find myself going to it often in ministry. Tons and tons of free resources for church leaders and parents. This is a great resource for helps, articles, videos, training, youth culture, etc. You name it this site has it.

I hope these resources help you all out like they have helped me out. We have a wonderful opportunity to raise up this next generation. We need all the help we can get. If you know of any other resources that are helpful, feel free to share them with others.

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